BioTE can restore healthy hormone levels for both women and men to help them feel healthy, vibrant and sexy again.

BioTE is a unique hormone replacement method that delivers a customized amount of biologically identical hormones based on your own body chemistry.  Biologically identical hormones are plant-based compounds specifically formulated to match the molecular structure of human hormones.

Unlike synthetic hormones which are engineered to only one formulation in order to be patented, BioTE is precisely customized to bring you back into balance and well-being.

Some of the benefits clients report are:

  • Enhanced libido and increased sexual desire
  • Decreased body fat and greater capacity to get in shape
  • Reduced fatigue and increased energy levels
  • Increased mental clarity and concentration
  • Improved memory
  • Improved and stabilized mood
  • Increased sense of overall well-being
biote hormone replacement

How to get started

It’s easy.  Call our office to schedule an appointment with Dr. Jukes.  After you have had your blood hormone levels tested, Dr. Jukes, a BioTE Certified Physician, will review the results of your lab test, discuss your symptoms, and determine the correct amount of hormones for your unique needs.

What is the procedure like?

In the procedure, tiny pellets, specially formulated for you, are slipped under the skin, typically in the hip area.  A mild local anesthetic is used in the short five minute procedure.

How it works

Once the pellet is inserted, a steady, low dose of natural hormone flows directly into the blood stream as the body needs it.  Pellets can last from three to six months or longer.

What are the benefits of bioidentical hormone therapy?
While many women use bioidentical hormone therapy to reduce symptoms of hot flashes, memory lapses, sexual dysfunction, lack of sleep, depression, fatigue, this therapy can also reduce vulnerability to age-related diseases like osteoporosis, heart disease, cardiovascular disease and other debilitating ailments.While men may use bioidentical hormone therapy to improve sexual desire and performance, control weight, build muscle mass, and feel more motivated and upbeat, this therapy can also provide critical protection against osteoporosis, heart and prostate disease.

Are the pellets different for women and men?
Yes. The pellets are formulated specifically for women or men to return them to their normal hormonally balanced physiology. Pellets for women contain bioidentical estrogen and/or a proper level of bioidentical testosterone. Pellets for men contain only bioidentical testosterone.

How are bioidentical hormones different from synthetic hormones?
Bioidentical hormones are biochemically the same as the hormones produced by the human body.  They are plant-based, natural substances created from yams to precisely match the molecular structure of hormones that can be metabolized by the body, minimizing side effects. Synthetic hormones are artificially formulated and intentionally manufactured to be slightly different from human hormone in order to be patentable.

How are the pellets administered?
Dr. Jukes will clean the skin over the back of the hip area, numb the area with a local anesthetic, then make a small incision. The pellets are slipped under the skin through the incision. A piece of tape and a pressure dressing are placed over the area. No stitch is required. The procedure takes only a few minutes.

How long do the pellets last?
Pellets for women typically last 3-5 months. Pellets for men typically last 5-6 months. Pellet duration varies by individual and their body’s needs. If you are very active, under a lot of stress, or are out in extremely hot weather, your treatment may not last as long. Absorption rate is based on cardiac output.

How will I know when I need more pellets?
Most users report they can tell when they need more pellets based on a decrease in energy levels or return of other symptoms.

Are there any side effects?
Side effects from the hormones may include some hair growth or acne, both of which are very treatable. Mild bruising and/or temporary discomfort at the pellet insertion site may occur.

What labwork is required?
Prior to the pellet procedure, Dr. Jukes will review the results of a blood test done to determine your hormone levels. Another blood draw is usually done about four weeks after the first pellet insertion to see if the dosing used was on target for you.You will only need to have your hormone levels rechecked about once a year or if there are any significant changes in your health.

Where can I get my labwork done?
You can have your blood drawn in our office for processing, or we can provide you with the necessary paperwork for you to have your labwork done at a laboratory of your choice.

Is BioTE covered by insurance?
You may wish to check with your insurance company to determine if hormone replacement therapy is covered by your insurance plan. BioTE® bio-identical hormone pellet treatments are not a covered expense on any insurance plans, and we do not submit insurance claims for this service.