Everyone seems to be worried about how their butt looks. We do squats and follow a low-carb diet so we can fit in our bikini or our designer skinny jeans. We check it out in the mirror. We ask our husbands and girlfriends if our butt looks bigger. We compare it to the latest celebrity photos, we obsess about cellulite, and the list goes on. Our butts are an important asset.

Seldom do we talk about how our butt looks on the inside. Persistent diarrhea or constipation, a change in bowel habits or rectal bleeding are not glamorous subjects that you talk about over dinner. But maybe we should.

March is Colon Cancer Awareness Month.

If you have any persistent changes in your bowel habits then you should schedule an appointment today. If you do not have any symptoms then routine screening begins at age 50 for the majority of people. If you are African American routine screening begins at age 45. The majority of people with colon cancer do NOT have a family history and symptoms may not occur until the cancer is advanced. The colonoscopy is the best screening method but there are other less-invasive options.

How Does your butt really Look?